Toxic People You Must Avoid- Positive Vibes

We all meet many people on daily basis. Meeting new people have now become essential for growth in every domain. But let’s not forget that meeting right kind of people is equally important.There are people who motivate you,inspire you and support you during the tough times of your life that helps you face any challenge in life. However, there are few bad apples who can act as a hindrance in your mental peace and harmony. Here are the list of people you need to block in your life:
  1. The one who is there with you only when they seek some benefit out of you.                                       benefit-seekers

Yes, these are the people who will behave completely opposite when they will be benefited by you and when they will find no use in staying with you. This can lead to a huge morale breakdown.
In order to test if the person is with you only for the sake of getting some benefit. Introduce him to a person from whom he can get more benefit. If he tries to befriend with him hampering your image, just leave that person.
2. The one who flatters you with your good sense of choice to borrow your stuff:                                  borrowers
This one is the most common one. Say a big No to the person who comes to you for anything. You let them borrow once, they will come over and over again. In fact, they won’t even ask for your permission the next time they would wish to borrow something.
3. The one who always forget their wallet at home:                                                                                          forget_wallet
Give them Rs.10 to take an auto and get their wallet. After all, we are not Bill GatesπŸ˜›
4. The one who are jealous of you:                                                                                                                                jealousy
These are easy to identify since they will avoid you when you’ll succeed in life. These are the one’s who might not be happy during their achievements, but would definitely be found sad in times of your achievements.
5.  Free adviser                                                                                                                                            
Certain people have a notion on everything. These notions are stored in their head so firmly that whenever there is any discussion about that particular thing, they’ll hardly listen to you and will start discussing about their perception and will focus on proving you wrong. Block them for lifetime.


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