10 Signs You're Dating A Woman, Not A Girl

1) Skin-showing vs. self-knowing

Girls love to dress in revealing clothes, being the attention seekers they are, just because they think it is ‘oh so sexy’ but women know it’s not. A woman understands her worth and is so confident in her skin that she knows she’ll rock whatever she wears.

2) Fantasy vs. reality

Girls live in their own twisty little fantasy world wherein they expect their guy to know how they feel without them having to lift an eyebrow. Reality check girls-men cannot read minds! Women live in the real world and often make use of an interesting thing to express their feelings. Know what it is? Words.

3) Dependent vs. independent

Girls love to portray themselves as delicate little damsels who are so weak that they cannot possibly use their fragile fingers to pay their tabs. They are the ones who’ll chug down free booze without a second thought. But a woman will never pounce on the next bottle. She is here for you, not your cash.

4) Capacity matters

A girl will go wild at a bar almost every single time she is let lose. She’ll chug down all the booze as if her life depended on it and spin out of control. A woman, on the other hand, knows how to hold her liquor. This doesn’t mean that they don’t drink. They do. But they are always in control.


The first thing that a girl will do right after a guy asks her out is let the world know about it. The guy is right there (maybe on one knee if that’s your thing) waiting for you to say something, and your first instinct is to update your facebook status… girl!? A woman is too busy living her real life that she forgets about her virtual one.

6) Junk TV and a good read

Not saying that women never watch TV. They do. But they know the difference between work of art and pop culture garbage. And from time to time, they love stuffing their noses in books and magazines, add to their pool of intellect. Women like to keep sharp, girls like to keep occupied.

7) Blabbering and talking are two different things

Girls are awful at holding meaningful conversations. Not really shocking, though, there is only so much junk TV can teach you. Women are beings of their own thoughts, ideas and opinions. They are well aware and sufficiently up-to-date. Girls are boring. Women are fascinating.

8) Eat to live or live to eat?

Girls will almost all the time order salads for themselves when they are out with their men just to show how health conscious they are. And they will almost all the time chow down everything he ordered for himself. Women, on the other hand, eat healthily because they respect their body. Let the big mac come!

9) Existing and living

Girls still believe that only a man can show them their way and make them realize their one true purpose of living. They waste away their entire life hoping to find that man. They don’t live. They just exist. Women are not so delusional. They do their best to see the world, experience it, meet new people, learn new things, create new memories, live their lives to the fullest.

10) Help!! Or help?

Girls like to sail along their lives, always looking for handouts. They trick themselves into believing that they are fragile creatures who need protection from the brutal world. Women know how to take care of themselves and people around them if the need arises. They know how to take charge.


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