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Hope you all are rocking this rainy season and enjoying the showers. But in all this fun we sometimes ignore to take care of our skin. Specially when I was a teenager I used to play a lot in the rain and sun but because of not cleansing my skin I used to get Acne.

Acne is one of the most dreaded and painful thing that could happen to anyone- both genders alike. Do you remember how just before that important function or photo shoot or a date with your loved one we used to get pimples and we used to try everything but could not do much to help.

Though proper cleaning and care of the skin is the most important thing one must be doing to prevent and skin disease specially Acne but i have come across a product that can help fight Acne organically.

The kit is designed for:
  • For oily, sensitive skin - prone to acne and acne scars. To provide essential nourishment and proper cleansing.
The Kit Contents are:

 1) Ozone Neem Cleanser for Acne
 2) Ozone Sanitizing Acne Beads 
 3) Ozone Acne Healing Serumoid
 4) Ozone Acne Healing Mask
 5) Ozone Acne Check Hydrant
 6) Ozone Acne Healing Gel

 With proper usage of Ozone Acne Healing Treatment, skin gets rejuvenated, acne and eruptions are checked and skin attains a younger looking hue.

Steps to Use:

Step 1
  • ·   Moisten a cotton ball with OZONE Neem Cleanser for Acne (balance skin pH)
  • ·   Gently tap it over the acne and acne prone areas.
  • ·   Clean the face and neck thoroughly with water to get rid of all the oil and grime.

Step 2
  • ·        Apply OZONE Sanitising Beads and leave for 5-7 minutes.
  • ·        Massage gently with fingertips in circular motion so that the beads get dissolved.
  • ·        Wipe off with a wet towel and leave it to dry.
  • ·        Now your skin is ready for Serumoid.

Step 3:
  • ·        Apply Ozone Acne Healing Serumoid approximately 3ml on face and neck.

  • ·        Spread it with finger tips in circular motion. Until the serumoid gets absorbed.

Step 4:
·        Make a mixture of gel and serumoid.
·        Apply the mixture on face and neck.
·        Massage softly for 10-15 minutes in a circular motion.
·        Then wipe off with a wet towel.
·        Let the face dry.
Step 5:
·        Apply a layer of the mask on face and neck avoiding eyes and lips.
·        Leave it for 10-15 minutes.
·        Wipe off gently so that no residue is left on the surface.
Step 6:
·        Take sufficient quantity of hydrant.
·        Apply and gently massage till it is absorbed.
You will notice visible results within a week and will surely have a glowing and acne free skin.


Do try the product and tell me how it works for you.                                                  If at point you feel redness or irritation on your skin consult your doctor.
 I would give Ozone Acne healing Treatment kit a Thumbs up and would strongly suggest my friends who are facing acne issues.

Till then keep following and keep looking fabulous.




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