Sling the Bling--- Bling Bag :: Review & Unboxing

Hi Guys

Thanks for taking out your time to read my blog. I'll not disappoint you, as today I have yet another special surprise for you--The Bling Bag

For most of you might know what a Bling Bag is, given the popularity of this bag, for others am here to enlighten you ignorant being because this is a must have.

So as I was saying,Bling Bag-Monthly bag of Boutique Jewellery  , is a mix of beautifully crafted fashion accessories ranging from earrings, bracelets, anklets, arm candies, finger rings, necklaces hair accessories,belts,, scarfs. You name it and Bling Bag has it.

No don't just give me your money yet, I have more for you.*giggles*  

Here is my Bling Bag.They specially packed it for me beautifully and made me feel special. I subscribed for one month and I got the following items as per my style profile. Let me give you guys  a sneak-peek of my Bling Bag:


Isn't all of this so tempting. Yes I know you guys are drooling over it and want me to tell you how you can also have one such Bling Bag specially for you or your loved ones.
Just click o the link of the Bling Bag official website and order one for yourself now.

You Can read More about  Bling BAG here."Bling Bag" work very hard to navigate fashion styles trending across  the globe and bring it specially for us. Aren't they adorable.

You may not get same stuff as it all depends on what have you filled in the questionnaire.
So go guys hurry up and get your Bling Bag now.


  • Good variety and quality
  • Nice packing
  • Tailor made

  • Pricey for college students


  1. yes truely pricey for college students! But the products are so pretty 😍

  2. The stone neck-piece is so adorable. Loved the bag and yes it is expensive for College going girls :(


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