Summer vacation ideas: 5 Things you should follow to get rid of boredom.

How was your last summer? Was it too good to remember or too bad to forget?

summer ideas

Let me shortlist some ideas for summer vacation this year, which will make you re-plan your wishlist.

1. Watch favorite TV shows and movies

Be it the Game of Thrones 6th Season or a 10 pm Comedy night show, beat the 2016 summer, watching your favorite celebs show. In case, you have missed the amazing movies released this year, due to busy schedule, make sure you watch them out this summer. Although, there are many good movies in the list, I recommend you to watch Neerja, Kung Fu Panda, The Jungle Book, etc.

2. Read your favorite books

There's no better pastime than reading a novel or your favourite book, when there's nothing left to do in the daily schedule.
I didn't had this hobby of reading books, but after reading few books like that of Gone Girl, The Alchemist, I'm sure that this summer, I'll add few more novels into my bucket list. Are you gonna do it too?

3. Attend parties

Parties, yay! Visit Pubs, reverbs, weekend party or a pajama party this season.
Summer time in India marks as a wedding season and the best thing during the time, is FOOD. Yes, apart from meeting friends, families, acquaintances, etc. something that is very important is the food trend in marriage. I only attend the marriage parties for the variety and the taste of Food that I get to eat.
What about you?

4. Travel a lot

Travelling is my favorite interest and of course I know, you love it too. So, apart from all other stuffs you do this summer, don't miss to travel and yes, the weather remains hot, visiting the odds of South India or Delhi is not a good option. Experience the sizzling summer in Goa or the extreme North Indian places like Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal to beat off the heat.

5. Practice yoga, exercise or gym

Maintaining the body physique is the key and summer is the best time to get in shape.
Practicing yoga or exercising early at morning or even working out at Gym will prevent your body from being torpid.
I recommend Swimming, because it brings you the new freshness and rejuvenates the energy for full day, making you feel active.

6. Hobby time

Summer is the best season for every kids and adults because no matter how old are you, the nurturing and practicing of your hobbies takes place during this season. So, do not compromise with your hobbies just because now you are grown up or are busy in family life.

Oh wait..
Why to worry this summer, if you have VIVO IPL rolling on your TV Sets, watch the star studded cricket event and make your summer time, worthwhile.

Did I miss anything?
Let me know your plans for this summer, in the comments below!

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  1. Oh, my summer vacations are now over but will apply these tips on my next summer vacations. Thanks for the wonderful tips, keep posting great work


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