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Recently I was thinking about buying a car for myself.
Buying a car is one thing which involves very high involvement.From a wide variety of options and the high cost involved, buying the car which suits best your taste and preferences is a task in its own. 

Wont it be a great help if someone guides us through their professional and personal experience. Here are some important things which I kept in mind before I finally made my final decision.

1. Finding the best fit : 

A car that could accommodate the entire family or a fancy car you can show off in front of friend. An all terrain SUV or a comfortable sedan. A budget friend car or a luxury vehicle. Finding a car that fits your needs and finances is the first step towards your dream vehicle.

2. See the after sale service:

A car needs maintenance and repairs from time to time to keep it in good shape. Spare parts accessibility is somethings we should be concerned about. Also the maintenance should not cost a fortune. Investing in budget friendly cars is a smart way to go ahead.

3. Research:

Before buying a car of a particular make collecting all the relevant data is important. Mileage, horsepower,torque, bundled offers,vehicle history if buying a pre-owned car, all these data points are important.

4.Test Drive:

Trying before buying is something which our parents have taught us. Before closing the deal one should always test drive the car. This would help us understand the aspects associated with the car better and also tell us how comfortable it is for us.

5. Seek guidance:

Professionals help in understanding various aspects related to car can come handy. Out of many professionals site I found as a site which provides help in various aspects related to buying your first car.
They help comparing cars of different make. Their managers also help in advising us about the right car for us if we are buying a Pre-owned car. If someone wants to sell their car, they can even do that their. also help us by giving awareness about frauds while buying a car. Many people also write their testimonials and share their buying experience. 

Hope these points help you to make an informed decision.


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