5 Things We Learn in Our 20's

So finally the time has arrived when you are ready to enter into the "Not So Perfect" world as this is the time when you are going to face the bitter truths of life. But don't be sad as it is only going to make you stronger and you will be glad when you will come out of this phase and emerge out as a winner.
  1. No Friend  in a true sense is your real friendMom-Friends-And-Mean-GirlsThis is the time when you'll realize how selfish your friends can actually be. That the very friend who calls you bro or sis, is actually bitching so bad about you, that they will keep secrets from you that might hinder in your growth process, that they are only there to take advantage out of you. This is the time when you realize that life is a journey where you have many people with you, yet you are alone in your own journey. This is also a phase when you have to decide if you want to be like others and be selfish or work hard, strive for the best and yet stay humble. Don't worry, this is also a challenge that will make you realize your true worth. That you are capable of so much more than you could have ever thought of.

  2. You can always count on your family  asilomar-family-on-the-beachForget about your teenage as this is the time when you have already seen and experienced different shades of everyone and the time has come when you acknowledge the fact that your family is the only one who will be by your side in all stages of your life. They are the only one who knows that you can achieve everything you wish for and will always motivate you even in your toughest times. They might not be good at your face but they are the one's who always wish best for you. They will invest in you till the time they find you are capable of taking a responsibility. They'll support you in your big decisions and will always want to see you happy.
  3. You are the sole decision maker  decisionWell, your parents and well wishers will definitely support you in all your endeavors. However, you are the one who knows what interests you the most. You have to dare make all your decisions no matter how challenging that may be.
  4. Hard work is a consistent practice      there-is-no-substitute-for-hard-work-hard-work-quote-share-on-orkut There is no such thing as " Just give this exam and life is fun beyond this". You have to remain consistent with your efforts throughout your life in order to maintain what you already have and to give effort to achieve the more.
  5. You have to make sacrifices to achieve your dream    let go 2

This includes letting go off people you love because if they really love you, they'll stay, understand and support the major decisions you take in your life. If they do understand, you are lucky. However, if they don't, it's their hard luck.


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