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Versace -Versus " A Bold Statement"

VERSUS owned by the house of VERSACE, has the most youthful and cutting edge collection of timepieces for rebellious spirits who love iconic fashion accessories. Designed for a generation who believe in showing off as part of their look, VERSUS VERSACE promises a “More Than Fashion attitude” that is bold, youthful, fearless and proactive!

The VERSUS VERSACE watch collection is designed with an unconventional Sheer & Daring style that interprets seasonal trends through the brand’s powerful DNA.
With this innovative, fashion-forward focus, VERSUS VERSACE entered into the Indian market with a sophisticated range of watches available in a wide variety of colors and styles that the youth can easily relate to. The timepieces are designed to blend timeless watch details with the youthful, vibrant spirit of the fashion-forward generation.
With bold and youthful collection, VERSUS VERSACE is an affordable luxury wearable which every experimental youth aspires to own. 

Versus Versace aims to take the Indian market by storm by being the most distinctive and affordable range of fashionable timepieces.

As the awareness of Global runway brands are growing on a larger rate in India, VERSUS VERSACE aims to target young, fashion conscious men and women who are seeking for classy yet quirky affordable luxury wearable

Palm Oil is the oil of Present and Future

Cooking is one of the most important activity we do everyday mindlessly to feed us. One of the most important ingredient no matter which meal we cook is Oil. Olive oil, Mustard oil, Sunflower oil, sesame oil all are the very common names of oil we see at at homes or at resturarest we eat. The one unsung hero out of this list is the Palm Oil.
Dr Bhavna Shah (MPOC Regional head for India & Sri Lanka) recently gave a talk  at the “Malaysian Palm Oil Council” at Ardor 2.1 i happened to learn and know more about the use and benefits of Palm oil. It came to me as such an eye-opener to knowkPalm Oil is used in food processing industry to pharmaceutical industry. The wide array of benifits that ride with usege of this oil is far beyond anyone's knowledge. Companies like Nestle, McDonald’s, Kellogg’s in food space  & Reckitt Benckiser, P & G, Colgate Palmolive etc. for cosmetics like soap, shampoos & toothpaste has been using Palm oil from a long time. 

Dr Bhavna Shah

Palm oil is a wholesome and nutritious oil suitable for human consumption tested and certified by CODEX Alimentations. Palm oil has justjthe right balanced of fatty acid composition and high content of vitamin E. 
Palm Oil even benefits the world
  • It is the world’s most efficient oilseed crop – It yields 7 – 10 times more oil per hectare than other oil-bearing crops.
  • To cultivate palm oil, less land and fewer fertilizers than any other oil crop are used
  • Palm oil is the staple oil which more than 2 Billion people arounwd the world have been using.
  • It supports 300,000 small farmers in Malaysia and over 4,000,000 farmers worldwide.
Palm Oil is an important commodity in the global oils and fats market and it is an essential vegetable oil for ensuring global food security. Malaysian palm oil industry’s sustainability policy and certification system ensure the production and the availability of high-quality palm oil in the global market.
All work and no play makesmjack a dull boy. People at the organising team indetified it and kept pretty interesting activities for us. We headed into a treasure chase in which the first stop was Pandeypaan. Here we tasted the paan consisted of nuts which were fried in Palm Oil. Our next location was Mybar headquarters, where we h made an innovative plate of mixed greens by means of picking 5 ingredients utilizing palm oil as primary with vegetables and Spices.
At Punjaby Nature, where we solved aptitude regarding Palm Oil. After this, we headed for the beginning spot i.e. Ardor2.1.  Here we did blindfold food tasting in which one of the main ingredients was Palm Oil
The session was a great learning place & it really cleared out various misleading information against the usage of Palm Oil.

MyOxy- Pollution Free Oxygen For Your Lungs

Environmental pollution is one of the biggest challenges the mankind is facing these days. The most threatening for us is the air pollution. It takes due to the cars we drive, factories we run and reducing greenery around us. Nothing of these can go in a jiffy and we need all these to sustain life. The problem we face because of these effects is the problem of depletion of clean air to breath. Isn't it the most dreadful fear we all have that we have no more oxygen to breath in?

I know you guys must be as alarmed as I am. I started stumbling on solution, nose masks, staying mostly indoor and what not. All these are just not practical in the wider scheme of things. Finally I was advised by my Doctor to try MyOxy Oxygen Cans.

What is MyOxy?

MyOxy has launched personal oxygen cans in India. An ideal option to breath fresh oxygen when you need it the most. The portable personal oxygen cans are designed in such a way that it can be stored at room temperature. MyOxy is an OXYGEN I.P which is portable and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This fresh canned oxygen strictly follows the Indian pharma standards and is available in all leading pharmacy PAN India.

The MyOxy can is 5.9 litters at 1200 kilopascal and comes in a disposable aluminium can.  MyOxy is priced at INR 399 each can. A suitable option for all age, it can be used by the child, expecting mothers and even senior citizens. MyOxy is a reliable option to boost the oxygen level in the body instantly. It can be used in the case of the loss of breath, air pollution, high altitude, intense workout, stress etc.

Where MyOxy can be utilised??

High Altitude

While climbing mountain peak and high altitude many people become breathless due to lack of oxygen. It can lead to nausea, dizziness, fatigue, dehydration and sometimes headache, MyOxy cans are designed in such a way that it can be carried while you are travelling. A needful item which all mountaineers, hikers should carry with them. It can also be used by the Défense folks who are posted in mountains and high-altitude location in India like Kargil, Nathulapass, Leh, Amarnath etc.

First Aid Kit

MyOxy is the most essential part of first aid box, it is highly needed during the emergency situation when oxygen drops. It provides instant oxygen during a high-intensity workout, air traveling, religious training, respiratory issues. While preparing a first aid kit, don’t forget to include the portable MyOxy can.

Air Pollution

The cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai are highly polluted, the level of air pollution is extremely high and when you breathe in this polluted air, it can cause severe lung and respiratory issues. Hence, if you are part of these cities you must carry MyOxy can to rule out such scenarios, it provides instant relief from respiratory difficulties when the air pollution level is high.
The MyOxy can is a product of Gupta Oxygen Pvt. Ltd, they are the leaders when it comes to industrial, Medical and Refrigeration gases with 50 years of industrial experience, they have always come up with innovative, portable and safe options for everyone.

Shot of Scent || Perfume Booth || Review

Hola Peeps!!!
Fresh start to a day is very important. Not only to our mind but also our body should feel fresh. Keeping this in mind I have something that will keep you fresh all day long. 
This awesome product is called “Scent Shot” by Perfume Booth.
 Scent shot is an array of 7 vials of awesomeness. These 7 vials are loaded with international fragrances from brands like Lomani, Emper, Baug Sons, Chris Adams, Maryaj, English Blazer and Louis Cardin.
Am sure you must be thinking that its a costly affair to purchase this product. But what if I tell you that perfume booth actually allows you to enjoy international fragrances at pocket-friendly prices.
What’s the product looks like:
Doesn't it look stellar? 
Each of the 7 vials have 5ML of perfume in them and they are handcrafted in an awesome shape. It has Silicon sealant which prevents the spillage. Now this is what I call international standard.
The box more things for you. Yes you heard me right. A  scent shot carry case which is in three colors is really ergonomic. It’s very convenient to carry your favorite perfume with you. Your booth of perfume in your palm.
The product has fragrances which uplifts your mood. Specially when you wear it to a party you will feel very positive and would definitely feel fresh and wanna dance.

  • Packaging is world class.
  • Carry case is a surprise to the entire package abd makes it easy to carry fragrances on the go.
  • Price is not at all a pinch point.
  • The entire thing which makes it very classy is the glass packaging. One should be carefic when using this product as glass is fragile.
  • Each scent is made keeping the party mood in mind. More variety of frangrences keeping in mind other occasions would had been more enticing.
This means it is one product you shoyld definitely try. The entire concept is new and really nakes it good gifting item as well. More over in daily use you might not use all of the frangrences, so it is a more of a occasions worthy product rather than a daily wear product. But international fragrances compensate everything else.
So go ahead girl and pick up your perfume booth now.

Soy Power || Soy Myth busted || Du Pont Soy

Hola all. Hope you all are having a fantastic holiday season.
But what would be this season without healthy food. I was thinking about improving my diet when my trainer told me to add more protien. Being a vegitarian it seems very difficult. 
As the challenges gets tough, we all ought to get tougher. So I took to reaseach and found this amazing product,Soy Protient by an awesome brand,Du Pont.
Du Pont team collaborated with me and tried to understand my day and then called me up for a get together to meet in person and explain the benifits of Soy.
 After meeting them and personally discussing the various rumors about Soya consumption, I will try to address few myths and break them today.
Myth : 1

  • Soy as a source of Protein ?
Recent studies and development, soy p koroducts can reach upto 90% of the protein in the nutritional fact which is way higher than whey or any other non-vegetarian source. 
One scoop of 40grms can give you up to 36 grams of Protein.
Myth : 2
  • Soy and men ?
One of the most talked about rumor in the market is soy affects testosterone level in men. 
After my investigation I found out it is just a marketing gimmick used by competition companies to mislead the masses. One can consume 1 scoop of Soy twice everyday.
Myth : 3
  • Soy creates indigestion?
This is true Soy could do that to you if comsumed in excess. Like they say excess of anything can be bad. Soy by Du Pont is completely healthy to be comsumed without any worry of indigestion.
Myth :4
  • Is Soy ok for old?
Soy contains highest amount of fibre in all Vegetarian foods which is a good for ols aged men and women. There are no side effect seen with age. Only if your protiPro intolerant, consult ypur dietician on any health issues.
Myth : 5
  • Soy vs Whey!! Soy is costly?
As per Leading nutrition and health prodict e-commerce websites like Healthkart,
1 kg Isolate 90% Soy is costing Rs. 1500 where you are getting 900 grms protein. Hence average 1 grm cost is approx. Rs. 1.6
1 kg Isolate Whey cost is Rs. 2599 where you are getting 830 grms of protein. Hence, average 1 grm cost is approx. Rs. 3.1.
Hence, Soy is cheaper than protein.
 Other Benifits/Uses of Soy :
I hope you guys got some of your Soy confusion/question answered. For more questions write to me in the comments and ill ilre try to bust any myths out there.
Till then. Chao. Love you all. 
Live. Laugh.Soy.


TE-A-ME REVIEW || Water Made Tasty

Hola Friends!!!

India is nation with so many languages and is divided into so many people each one having their own habits. But I feel the one thing that ties us together is TEA.
Tea brings people together and is a great conversation starter. One of my favourite brands TE-A-ME has come up with all new flavours of tea.

I am really excited to share the launch of 5 different and totally amazing new flavours of ice brews – 

-> Lemon🍋 
-> Wild Berry🌸
-> Peach🍑
-> Mint Green🍃
-> Lychee🍐

After already having tried all of them and super excited to share my experience- TE-A-ME made water interesting.

TE-A-ME is brought to you by Madhu Jayanti International Limited – a 70 year old company with a legacy of producing fine teas.  They believe that tea is a versatile drink that can evoke a variety of feelings and emotions with every sip.
TE-A-ME ice brews are delicious new blends of fruits, herbs. They are all-natural and super-healthy, giving a refreshing burst of goodness with every sip. It can be brewed in minutes, just using cold water – no boiling required.

The ingredients used are-

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Gluten free
  • No added sugar
  • No artificial colours
 What more do we need?
 5 flavours 

Sweet combo of summer strawberries and ripe raspberries blend!

Iced blend gives you the sharp zest of icy mint any time of the day. (With Green tea)

Lose yourself in zesty, lemony delicious dipped in ice!

Fresh lychees is all you need!

Smooth satisfaction of fresh peaches blended with the bold flavour of black iced tea 

Pick up the multi-flavour trial pack available at a reduced cost to figure out which ones you like the most. 

Buy here now.


The Quirky Mindset of Indians

Human beings are known to be born with a highly functional brain and extraordinary ways in which we use them. Many inventions have been done so far because humans used their minds on the rightful things. They used their mind to question everything and then trained their minds to find answers. This was a journey of raising questions and finding answers that lead to a stage where we can see development everywhere. If we consider India, we will find few discoveries and more slavery. We Indians are born differently, we have a little quirky mindset.

Our mindset believes in the things which we cannot see and clearly reject things which are right there in front of our eyes. Our logic is also based on the things we believe in which of course we do not see. Some people might be amazed but for Indians, their life surrounds on stuff they should own so they can be proud of achieving it.

So how do they do it? Well, a logical person travels and checks out of the accommodation, builds his career and does not put a full stop to their career for minor things. Indians, on the contrary, do not really like the word rent. They feel if they take anything on rent, then it means they are not wealthy enough, their pride comes in between. So what Indian parents do is, they ask their children to settle in the same place where they are so that they don’t need to take accommodation on rent which follows with buying the furniture, car, etc.

But they are completely fine with the low wages and to that, they answer money doesn’t really matter. How ironical is it to the fact that they don’t go ahead with renting because it signifies lack of money but instead choose a career which gives them peanuts and in-turn succumb to a lifestyle that doesn’t even fulfills the pride status that they want to maintain.

Life could have been much simpler if they would have understood that you can travel anywhere and aim for the career you desire. There are many portals like RentoMojo by which you can have anything on reasonable rentals, be it renting furniture, appliances, and bikes, and give them back if you decide to leave to some other place. So much fun, isn’t it?

So, we Indians should let of off our inherent desire to own everything and choose the #SubscriptionLifestyle.

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