FASHION is the fastest changing trend in the world and no wonder it is the fastest

adopted trend too. The moment it changes, within a jiffy, it just fades away, because

something new is always there to take over its place. So it happens in the case of its

adoption. The websites designed for Online shopping for Girls, apparently proves,

this changing trend, as the amount of traffic keeps altering every day on various

products. I sometimes wonder is there someone still left in the society who has not

yet tried the crop tops and off shoulder tops which are considered the best selling

items as of now.

The raging trend of crop tops and off shoulder tops has now been widely spread all

around the world. Women I tell you!!! No matter where you stay, they will remain

the same. What you can see clothed on one race of woman, you would probably see

the same kinda on another race too. Sometimes, I feel proud too, at least the fashion

industry is doing its best in eliminating the differences this way.

The BUYING HABITS OF WOMEN, for most of the products, be it fashion or home

goods, is based on one basic and most known factor- JEALOUSY/ENVY. Yeah…

seriously! I know you might be having that sarcastic smile on the face saying “ME…

NEVER!!!” But deep inside ourselves, we all are aware of this not-so- admittedly fact.

Isn’t that lace crop top in beige hanging in your closet has a story behind it? Or

probably the red off-shoulder top which you dressed up to the party last time has

not got its source inspiration from your colleague? I am sure they have…

I am no less than you, it is the story of every woman. And the hilarious part is men

are much more aware of this than us. Ask your husband honey, he will reveal the

truth behind every collection of your closet on the phone!!!

And above all, the catalyst of the solution, “online shopping for girls” has added the

fuel to the fire by offering all those items at such a reasonable price and especially

at our doorsteps. So why would any sister-in- law leave a chance of buying the same

style of an off shoulder top which she saw adorned by her brother’s wife or vice

versa? Now I have got it, why most of the clothes manufacturers offer same size,

same style, same color of the same product in more than one quantity? It is pretty

obvious, this nature of women was very early recognized by them and they

forecasted the upcoming benefits of the same for their businesses. Hmmm, quite a

smart move!

Women have got so accustomed to this struggling attitude that price, quality,

fabric, brand, designing, material, etc. hardly matters to them. It is just the go for

the gold attitude which keeps on triggering their mind to win it, no matter what.

Once a style is in vogue, it would be witnessed on every kind of woman for the

purpose. Crop tops and off shoulder tops are the biggest examples of it, I have not

seen any women until now who is not gracing herself in these two attires. Whether

with flared skirts, culottes, track pants, joggers, trousers, denim pants, shorts, mini

skirts, maxi skirts, in fact even with hipsters, everyone is sighted in their own

distinctive styles of carrying the same.

To say whether the DITTO attitude is good or bad, would be quite a biased statement

to make. But one thing is for sure, this competitive spirit is definitely beneficial for

the fashion industry, and is also aiding women to keep learning new something new

on a daily basis rather than sticking to one form of fashion all their life.


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