Peach Lawrence Bag-Product Review

Hola my fashion crazy-ones!!!! Today I wanna talk about those shiny, bright, lovely cool accessory we all cant do without. I know you know it now, so

Lets talk about bags baby! Yes Yes Yes BAGS!!! Ohhh, I know you all adore bags as much as I do.
No matter how many we already own, we still cant have enough bags!!

We all must at some point in our life must have had an argument with our mom for stuffing some many bags at our home.  *Giggles Nostalgia*

Today I wanna Show you my new pick:

Do tell me how you feel about it in the comments section.

So lets get to business. orange smiley face : Free

  • The bag is of medium size which makes it easy to carry.
  • Now dont you worry  about its capacity. Its sufficiently big to keep all our daily stuff together.
  • I loved the subtle peach colour. It makes the bag look so graceful.

A complete party-cum-office bag which will make other girls envy of you.

  • The bag comes at an affordable price.
  • Also it has a sling if you were wondering.
At this quality and price, the bag seems to me a pretty good deal.

My Review: 4/5

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