The Quirky Mindset of Indians

Human beings are known to be born with a highly functional brain and extraordinary ways in which we use them. Many inventions have been done so far because humans used their minds on the rightful things. They used their mind to question everything and then trained their minds to find answers. This was a journey of raising questions and finding answers that lead to a stage where we can see development everywhere. If we consider India, we will find few discoveries and more slavery. We Indians are born differently, we have a little quirky mindset.

Our mindset believes in the things which we cannot see and clearly reject things which are right there in front of our eyes. Our logic is also based on the things we believe in which of course we do not see. Some people might be amazed but for Indians, their life surrounds on stuff they should own so they can be proud of achieving it.

So how do they do it? Well, a logical person travels and checks out of the accommodation, builds his career and does not put a full stop to their career for minor things. Indians, on the contrary, do not really like the word rent. They feel if they take anything on rent, then it means they are not wealthy enough, their pride comes in between. So what Indian parents do is, they ask their children to settle in the same place where they are so that they don’t need to take accommodation on rent which follows with buying the furniture, car, etc.

But they are completely fine with the low wages and to that, they answer money doesn’t really matter. How ironical is it to the fact that they don’t go ahead with renting because it signifies lack of money but instead choose a career which gives them peanuts and in-turn succumb to a lifestyle that doesn’t even fulfills the pride status that they want to maintain.

Life could have been much simpler if they would have understood that you can travel anywhere and aim for the career you desire. There are many portals like RentoMojo by which you can have anything on reasonable rentals, be it renting furniture, appliances, and bikes, and give them back if you decide to leave to some other place. So much fun, isn’t it?

So, we Indians should let of off our inherent desire to own everything and choose the #SubscriptionLifestyle.


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