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Hope this new year has started for you on a good note. With Christmas long gone and winter at its peak I though we need to do something to treat our body. How seldom we even think about our body in winters as we all are fully covered in warm clothes.

But, guys and girls, winter as proved by many dermatologists is that time of the year when our skin needs most care.

Something organic and truly natural is what we need and Himalaya Herbals are here for our rescue.
I recently tried some of their products and will share my feelings towards the brand offerings.

Winter is coming but are you ready enough?

Ready for the new winter look but not ready enough to go out

in the cold? While winter is all about enveloping yourself in

cozy quilts, sitting by the heater and sipping hot beverages, it’s

also about dealing with dry skin, chapped lips and cracked

heels. But this winter, you can pamper your skin with some

herbal products that will truly rejuvenate your skin.

Nourish the skin from within

“While drinking water is a must to keep your body adequately

hydrated, your skin needs essential minerals too. Cocoa

contains anti-oxidants that helps repair skin cells for a long

duration”, says Ms. Chandrika Mahendra, Principal Scientist,

Personal Care, The Himalaya Drug Company.

Feeling your parched skin and moisturising it minute-to- minute

can be a lil’ annoying. So to keep your skin soft and supple, all

you need is an intensive skin care regime including cocoa

butter. Himalaya’s new Cocoa Butter moisturiser once applied,

not only provides day-long nourishment but seeps through the

cracks of your skin and deeply nourishes it from within.

Moisturise your skin well

So, you have your wardrobe ready for winters and you’ve

managed to pull off the best attire amongst your peers, but

have you checked your face before leaving the house?

While you can apply make-up to your best, a good moisturiser

is a must that not only keeps your skin hydrated all day long

but can also be used as base to keep your make-up intact.

Himalaya White Complexion Day Cream not only provides

deep nourishment but is also used as a base for your make-up.

It consists of ingredients such as licorice which helps lighten

skin, fade dark spots and blemishes thereby, giving your skin a

brighter complexion.

Kiss those chapped lips goodbye!

While we all have used products with petroleum jelly, mineral

oils and silicones at least once in our lifetime and given a hard

time to our lips, have we ever laid our hands on products with

100% natural vitamin E? Wouldn’t we prefer presentable, soft

lips over shaded chapped ones?

The best way to go natural is to pick one of the flavors such as

vanilla, litchi, strawberry, peaches and cocoa from Himalaya

Herbals range of lip care products. Each of these have their

own benefits and helps nourish your lips completely. This time,

you can pick your flavor and not only the colour.

Don’t stay put with cracked foot

We all tend to take complete care of our skin, face and lips to

look gorgeous but what do you do when you have to put your

“best foot forward”?

Winters squeeze away the moisture from our skin and heels

are no different from other parts of the body. A daily light

massage of your heels with herbal cream is a must. Himalaya

Foot Care Cream consists of ingredients such as turmeric,

fenugreek, sal tree and honey which together act as an

ointment for regular use for smoother heels. Time to pay heed

to your heels!


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